Chief & Council


Beaver First Nation Chief and Council is a governing body, providing strategic direction and establishing policy for the overall operation of the organization. Chief and Council delegate responsibilities to the Administrator, review and approve the budget, ratify the Vision and Mission statements, and approve new projects and programs. The Chief acts as spokesperson in all Nation-related matters.


Beaver First Nation uses the Indian Act electoral system, with elections every two years. In addition to Chief, four Councillors are elected to listen, learn, and teach within the community. The next election will be held in November of 2014.



“No longer will any legislative policies, regulations and acts which negatively impact our Inherent, Treaty and Aboriginal Rights be allowed to pass quietly.


Destruction to our ecosystem is occurring without our free, prior and informed consent and this has to stop. We will protect our Treaty and Aboriginal Rights, protect our lands, air and water."

Chief Trevor Mercredi


Henry Francis
Gary Kipling
Marilyn Chalifoux 
Clarence Fournier
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