Health Services


Our Health Centre offers a wide array of services, often partnering with outside service providers. Our comprehensive programs are aimed at prevention where possible, promoting healthy lifestyles in all aspects of community living. Holistic treatment is utilized in all our services, including community health, addictions and mental health, maternal and child health, and home care. Where available, telehealth services are offered to extend and enhance these services.

Medical Transportation


Our Medical Transportation Coordinator (MTC) directs clients to the appropriate destination with rotation of taxis to and from appointments in regard to medical, dental,  and optometrist appointments.


As per NPTC all Medical trips will be rotated as required, unless otherwise stated by MTC. Clients will be asked to go to the nearest walk-in clinic from their home, including out-of-town medical. In-town referrals require 48 hours notice and out-of-town referrals require 2 weeks notice, so arrangements can be made accordingly. MTC also requires a doctor's letter with Time and Date of Appointment, as well as an additional letter from the referring doctor.


There will be shared cabs when appointments are within 1 hour of each other and there will be 2 cabs daily for walk-ins at 10am and 3pm. Please call to cancel cab if not needed or the next trip will be your own responsibility

Community Health


Our Community Health Representative (CHR) works with community members to promote a healthy living environment through a wide range of services, including nutrition, environmental health, and Brighter Futures. A detailed list of services and programs offered by our CHR can be seen below.


For Home and Community Care, a community nurse is available to BFN members to enhance quality of life on our reserves, promoting independence in home and supporting the care provided by family. Via NPTC, the services offered by the LPN includes Elders' care, bandage changes, blood pressure clinice.

Addictions & Mental Health


Our National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NNADAP) Coordinator promotes healthy spirits and sober lifestyles through culturally senstive intervention programs and services, including the following:


  • One-on-one and group counselling;

  • Referrals to treatment and service providers;

  • Tobacco cessation workshops;

  • Suicide prevention;

  • Anti-bullying programming;

  • Addictions education and awareness; and

  • Mental health awareness and education.


Non-Insured Health


In collaboration with NPTC, we can assist with access to non-insured health benefits, including vision, dental, and medical transportation (see left).


Residential School Support


Residential School support is offered by NPTC and is available by referral.

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